You're seriously talented. You've got big visions and big dreams. And you're ready to make a major impact in the world.

The only problem?

A lot of work goes into these big visions and dreams. And you want to do it all.

You don't want to miss out on a new idea or shiny object so you add it to your list [which is FREAKING LONG!]

You like wearing all the hats, it's your business after all.

But some days you're not sure what you've accomplished [SO many DISTRACTIONS! - seriously, how many tabs do you have open right now?]

The freedom is amazing, but you didn't realize being your own leader would be so hard.

What if it was possible to create results, prioritize the important stuff and figure out work/life integration to grow a sustainable business?


Having a strategic accountability partner that will keep you on track & moving forward

Feeling 100% confident in your skills as a leader & CEO

Crushing fear and making bold decisions

Building a kick-ass team that you trust

Regaining your time & energy

Dealing with impostor syndrome, the "money" stuff and other saboteurs

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, but you don't have to do it alone. 

Let me show you how to finally say YES to leading with authority, staying accountable and creating business results.


I'm on a mission to empower entrepreneurs & visionary leaders to build sustainable businesses.

My Style

My purpose as a coach is to listen, support, and cultivate a safe space for you to uncover and revisit your values and beliefs so you can whole-heartedly step into your personal leadership and create the transformation you desire.  My method incorporates co-active, kinesthetic, visual imagery, and positive psychology coaching designed to take you out of your present moment fear,  stuckness and into your future state of alignment.

My Clients

My clients are:

  • Extraordinary leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists 
  • Seeking an opportunity to pause and reflect on what currently is and what opportunities could be
  • Excited to create authentic abundance
  • Passionate about serving a mission larger than themselves
  • Capable of putting in the work required to shift current behaviors and ways of thinking
  • Seeking a platform to support stepping outside of the status quo
  • Resourceful, creative, open, and adventurous
  • Courageous and ready to create change